I am a writer of fiction, specifically in the novel form, which of course means I don’t get much out there for publication consideration.

I have completed a novel called The Murk Beneath. The novel has been submitted to a number of mostly London-based literary agents and in three cases the full manuscript was requested with positive comments about the first 50 pages. No takers yet on the full novel, but I live in hope.

About The Murk Beneath

Set in my native Cork City, the novel features a beleaguered ex-Garda named Mickey Bosco who seems to have a problem with attracting trouble from his past. This includes a retired crime boss by the name of Jim ‘The Gentleman’ Jordan, a father whose murder remains unexplained, and an incident with a child molester and killer that gets him thrown out of the Gardaí. The novel begins with Mickey in poor health due to his penchant for Clonakilty black pudding and his tendency to shovel curried chips into his gob while at the dog track betting on the hounds. Soon he gets dragged into a murky world of corrupt Gardaí, a paranoid ex-crime boss who is desperate to keep the CAB off his back, a fixer who chops off a finger each time you cheat at cards, and so on. All of this is set against the backdrop of Cork and its culture.