This is an on-line reflective portfolio for the Special Purpose Award: Certificate in Effective Teaching in Higher Education, which is awarded by Cork Institute of Technology. The certificate is at level 9 (postgraduate) and is composed of a single 20-credit module: EDUC9042 – Teaching Practice in Higher Education. The requirements for the module are that I create a reflective portfolio that evidences and documents my development as a professional practitioner. In particular my portfolio discusses and is structured according to the following six learning outcomes:

LO1 Design, develop and implement learner-centered teaching resources that engage students in the learning process

LO2 Design and implement assessments and assignments that reward deep approaches to learning

LO3 Critically evaluate the degree to which modules or programmes evidence clear alignment between learning outcomes, teaching methods and assessment regimes

LO4 Integrate technology to support and enhance student learning

LO5 Critically evaluate the degree to which their own professional practice is learner-centered and the impact that the practice has on student learning

LO6 Create a personal teaching philosophy