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Building a social cultural heritage website using Spring Data Neo4j

In previous posts, I have discussed importing the Tate’s metadata into a Neo4j database using Neo4j’s BatchInserter. I have been able to run some interesting queries using CypherQL to visualise the connectedness of some of the Tate metadata, including shortest paths between artists to illustrate what they have in common. But all of that is […]

Getting the hands dirty with Arduino

I’m investigating a number of technologies for the PhD. In the previous 3 posts, I covered the initial development of an Android app that scans an RFID tag for object id information and also connects to an Omeka collections management systems repository using its REST API to retrieve object metadata. While much development is still […]

Omeka REST API, Spring’s RestTemplate and Jackson JSON library (part 1)

I had considered building my own collections management system. This would have had some advantages, but several disadvantages. The main disadvantage would have been time. Another would be the need to know the standards inside out – e.g. properly implementing / adhering to Dublin Core metadata standards. It wasn’t difficult to find a collections management […]

Android development – NFC / REST / Android Studio

Since the last post, I submitted a first draft literature review. It wasn’t particularly long and it probably still meanders a bit too much. Since submitting, I have continued to try to narrow my focus. Whereas before I intended to keep the technological augmentation of the museum to a minimum, with electronic id tagging of […]

Disneyfication / McDonaldisation of the museum

One of the questions I might ask of my research into a technological platform that links objects in multiple museums is who the audience is for the platform. Is it researchers / historians and / or pursuers of “serious leisure”? Or is it the casual tourist who wants to see a cultural trail as part […]