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PhD Log 01/10/2016

Fitted in some work on the PhD today. Added the ability to withhold dialog and make it available as information about objects or articles, or notes, are discovered. The player is also told how many dialog choices have been withheld. This will hopefully encourage the player to continue exploring to discover objects / articles and […]

PhD Log 30/09/2016

Not a lot done today. Just added some new options in the game relating to opening up new lines of conversation through object discovery. When a new article or object is discovered and examined, part of the popup text will indicate if the object has unlocked new dialogue. The challenge then is to be able […]

PhD Log 29/09/2016

I’m going to keep an online public log of my PhD activities from now on. I’ll document major game design decisions, research done, etc. Today I had a quick look at the game Elegy for a Dead World, which I picked up cheaply as part of a Humble Bundle. There’s something in it that intrigues […]

Garmin Forerunner 225 with optical HR monitor

Just a short post on the accuracy of the new Garmin Forerunner 225 running watch with in-built optical HR monitor and accelerometer. For the past 7 years I used a (much loved and used) Garmin FR 405 with a chest strap – close to the heart for the best accuracy. It’s seen me reliably through 5 […]

Focusing on the positives

I had been torn between just self-publishing my first novel (working title THE MURK BENEATH) and trying to get an agent / publisher. I was impatient to begin with – sod all the inevitable rejection and just go it alone. Then I hesitated. I’d give it a bash, see if I could get myself a […]

Transcribing for the 1916 Letters Project

As part of the module PG6011 / DH6014 – Digital Skills for Research Postgraduates in the Humanities and Social Sciences, students (of which I was one) were required to transcribe two multi-page letters for the 1916 letters project. The project has uploaded many letters under various categories ranging from the Easter Rising, to art, crime, business, […]

The Murk Beneath – A Synopsis

More difficult than writing a substantial work of 89,000 words is actually synopising it. Getting 350+ pages into 1. I have been rubbish at it to date, and it is a necessity when trying to sell your work to an agent or publisher (well, 2 agents and 1 publisher so far in my case, and […]

My Novel

Yes … a novel. My novel. The Murk Beneath. 89,000 words of gritty (literary) crime noir, set in my native Cork. First in the Mickey Bosco series. It’s strange to write that. Me, an author … a novelist. But it’s true. And one way or another, The Murk Beneath will see the light of day, […]

Scrivener + Zotero for Thesis Writing

I really like the writing tool, Scrivener. I finished my first novel, The Murk Beneath (not published… yet!), using it and it was just fantastic. I only used a fraction of its features, but one of the big ones is being able to organise chapters and the scenes within chapters. Others include the performance as […]