Back in the swing of things


As much for myself as anyone else, I am going to get back to blogging about my training, general health and fitness, nutrition, etc.

Early this year I weighed over 108 kgs (about 17 stone). I was within touching distance of my all-time high weight of 17 stone 10 lbs. I now weigh 83.4 kgs. My BMI has gone from just inside the obesity category II range (35.1), down to 26.9, near the mid-point of the overweight category.

In the near future I will post about how I lost that weight and how it differed from the first time about a decade ago that I went from 17st 10lb down to about 12 stone. And why this time I should be able to maintain a good, healthy weight.

I will also log, probably weekly, an update on my training. I last ran a marathon (my fifth) in July 2012. My training is coming along nicely to run the Clonakilty marathon on November 30th 2019. To put that in perspective, I began training properly on July 1st when I weighed just over 16 stone. I have lost 3.5 stone in the 3.5 months I have been training and I should weigh around 12 st 7lb stone on race day (I weigh 13st 2lb now). That’s about the weight I ran my previous 5 marathons. However, I plan to go lower as I was always a bit overweight doing my marathons and leaving time out on the course.

My latest training runs are synced from Garmin Connect to Strava and a widget to the left shows my latest training.

That’s it for now. More detail on my training and weight loss to come.

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