PhD Log 01/10/2016


Fitted in some work on the PhD today. Added the ability to withhold dialog and make it available as information about objects or articles, or notes, are discovered. The player is also told how many dialog choices have been withheld. This will hopefully encourage the player to continue exploring to discover objects / articles and unlock the final parts of the conversation – all of this being ultimately linked to the article the player journalist will write, like uncovering jigsaw pieces that can be fitted together later.

Thus far I can allow for up to 12 choices on one screen, with one of them being used to display how many choices are hidden. This could be multilayered, so there might be one object that when discovered opens up up to 12 more options – ad infinitum potentially; a dialog tree where each branch can lead to up to 12 more branches, some of the options immediately available, others hidden. Screenshot below shows an example where options that are not available are hidden and collapsed (i.e. we don’t have blank lines where choices are hidden, the one below moves up a spot to take its place).


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