Some initial survey results

As part of a module, Technology Business Planning, I sent out a questionnaire to colleagues in CIT, by way of market research for a (fictitious) business plan covering a startup business that offers a social media and mobile app solution to museums (and the GLAM sector in general).

So far there are 113 respondents. Some of the key findings so far:

  • 85.6% own a mobile device (smartphone or tablet)
  • 18.6% of mobile device owners had installed a cultural heritage app
  • 67.9% visited a museum at least once a year
  • 67.7% were moderate to extreme users of social media
  • 12.4% had shared their museum experiences online
  • 74.3% thought it would be somewhat or very useful to have a mobile app in a museum that would provide additional exhibit information
  • 44.2% found the idea of social media integration somewhat or very desirable

I can conclude that the use of mobile devices in the museum is very appealing, while social media integration had a lukewarm appeal.

It was difficult in a survey to give the respondent an idea of what the social media integration would be like. My gut feeling is that a different approach would be needed, such as field testing a prototype or at least providing screen mockups and perhaps video of the social media aspect of the platform in action.

It’s been a useful exercise so far. I intend to do some more analysis once I export from SurveyMonkey into CSV format. I’ll either learn to do this using SPSS or take the lazy approach and find a student to find some correlations – e.g. age and mobile device ownership or age and desire to use mobile devices in the museum.

The rigor of the research isn’t good enough to think about writing a publishable paper, but it gives me some ammunition for the business plan deliverable of the Technology Business Planning module, and it is something I can share with museum owners / directors to entice them into being interviewed for my PhD.

I also collected some comments as part of the survey, which were all anonymous, so I will share some of those and discuss them in another post.

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