Food Blogging as Serious Leisure

I found an interesting article on food blogging as serious leisure (Cox and Blake, 2011). One interesting quote from a serious food blogger was:

"Obsession. Food is what I do. If I’m not cooking or eating I’m thinking about it or writing a recipe or going out somewhere to a restaurant."

I’m wondering if there might be a parallel in cultural tourism as serious leisure (and my competitive cultural tourist).

Cox, A.M., Blake, M.K., 2011. Information and food blogging as serious leisure. Aslib Proceedings 63, 204–220.

I’m wondering if a study of travel blogging might reveal something similar about cultural tourism as serious leisure and whether I see signs of something competitive (e.g. some degree of bragging or some way that the blogger highlights how travelled they are). Definitely worth consider such a study and possibly a research paper.

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